Pennsylvania company opening up in Gretna, creating 15 jobs

Micro Blenders, Inc. makes cattle feed

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New jobs are coming to Pittsylvania County.

QLF, Inc. in Pennsylvania is opening a subsidiary company called Micro Blenders, Inc. in Gretna.

QLF, Inc. makes cattle feed.

The company will initially spend $3.5 million to open, creating 15 new jobs.

Eventually, though, the company plans to invest $10 million in the Gretna facility and create 25 to 30 jobs.

Virginia agriculture and forestry secretary Bettina Ring made the announcement Friday.

“We're excited to know that they have some big customers in this area, as that's a big part of their consideration because they feel like they'll be able to continue to provide not only the service they've been providing but better service,” Ring said.

Micro Blenders, Inc. representative Matt Eby said Gretna was chosen over other locations because the company wanted to be part of an emerging agriculture market.

"We've spent some time traveling the world looking at equipment, trying to figure out what we want to bring and I feel confident we're going to have a state of the art facility, one that's probably going to be a leading facility in the United States," Eby said.

New business coming to Gretna
Company investing $3.5 million in new manufacturin...

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