New business coming to Gretna

New business coming to Gretna

 On Thursday at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex, the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Honorable Bettina Ring announced that Micro Blenders, Inc., a family owned company providing premixes of animal feeds, will be coming to Gretna and operating in the former Techma building. Micro Blenders, Inc is a subsidiary of the New Holland, Pennsylvania, based company QLF.

“It’s a great day of the owners of QLF and Micro Blenders and their family as we celebrate the fact that they will be locating in this great county, this agricultural community,” Ring said. “It’s a great day for Pittsylvania County as they see a new business move in that contributes to and ensures that they have sustainability of their community, creating new jobs and strengthening that business community and the agricultural community that is already strong.”

As a regional leader in feed manufacturing, the company is hoping to expand their presence by opening the facility in Gretna and creating a new company for those operations. The company is high-tech and plans to create 15 new jobs initially, and eventually 25-30 jobs. They also plan to ultimately provide over $10 million in capital investment.

New business coming to vacant Gretna building
Pennsylvania company opening up in Gretna, creatin...

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